Regarding scientific research and technology transfer:

Activities of Scientific Research, Technology Transfer and Production Labor of SEP are well and effectively implemented. In the past years, the SEP’s staffs have presided over many Science and Technology projects at all levels, including basic State research projects; Ministerial-level Science and Technology projects; International cooperation projects, University level projects … Research projects and projects are getting bigger and bigger with increasing funding. In addition, SEP also self-extracted funds to support a number of Institute-level projects for young cadres to lead the implementation. Annually, SEP’s staff publishes about 70 projects of which 25-30 are listed in the ISI list. In addition, SEP’s staff have had research cooperation with other units inside and outside the University, exploiting and using the equipment effectively.

Some scientific research products of SEP’s staffs have gained a foothold in the market, and there are products that have entered the history of the country’s scientific and technological development:

Goals and directions in the future:

  • Ensure the progress of scientific research projects at all levels, and actively search for science and technology projects and projects with large capital sources;
  • Well implementing international projects, technology transfer projects;
  • Continuing effective implementation of technology transfer activities
  • Business production, encouraging and facilitating individuals and units to participate;
  • Cooperate effectively with internal and external units, and maintain, expand and effectively exploit international cooperation relations;
  • Strive to have at least 30 ISI articles;
  • Well organize scientific research for students and seminars.