• Office Address: Room 406, C10 Bulding, HUST Campus
  • Tel.: +84 (0)24 3868 1572

Department of Computational Physics was established in June 1998. The main duty of the Department is to teach Computational-Informatics Physics, General Physics for HUST’s students & specialized scientific research. Physics Computing & manufacturing products (hardware, software) applied in Technical Physics.

The contingent of staff is highly specialized, included 2 Assoc. Prof., 7 Dr. and 2 masters. Officials in the Department have published many scientific publication in prestigious journals, participated in compiling and editing many textbooks, and are currently being used to teach at many Physics faculties in the country, chaired many national and international ministerial-level scientific research projects.

Over the past years, the Department’s officials have presided over many Science and Technology projects at all levels, including grass-root level; Ministerial-level in Science and Technology; International cooperation projects,…

In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate students in Engineering Physics at HUST, the Department’s staff also take the main responsibility for teaching the components of the Talented Engineer Program, taking part in teach high quality Engineering programs, ITP international cooperation programs and Master’s programs in HUST; participate in teaching General Physics for undergraduate, college and in-service students.

The Department has contributed to training hundreds of engineers in general and informatics physics in particular across the country.