Elitech Education Programs

Aiming at excellent students who aspire to become excellent engineers, experts and managers in the core technical and technological disciplines of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, Hanoi University of Science and Technology built the ELITECH Project including elite education programs such as: Advanced Programs – Talented Programs- Excellent Engineer Training Programs (PFIEV). The Talented Program in Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics is one of their ELITECH programes.

Elitech Students are facilitated by:

  • Studying in small classes;
  • Guided by excellent teachers with intensive program content and advanced foreign languages;
  • Facilitating participation in research and work in interdisciplinary teams right from the early years;
  • Practicing solving practical problems of enterprises right in the learning process.

Talented Programs Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics

Students of the Talented program Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics are those with good thinking and passionate enthusiasm for Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics, selected among the successful candidates with an internal university test in knowledge of Maths and Physics (of the leaving high school) right after admission.

The structure and curriculum of the talented programs Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics are not much different from the standard/regular education program in Engineering Physics, the difference is the programs are organized in a way to promote creativity of learners at maximum, to require higher foreign language proficiency (TOEIC 600 and equivalent), to focus on develop soft skills for highly qualified professionals and good managers in future. From the Talented Program –  Batch 63, students follow the  integrated model of B.Sc – M.Sc during 5.5 years to ensure excellent professional knowledge.

In addition to the very high opportunities for employment in the market of highly qualified human resources in the country and abroad, the graduates of the Talented programs Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics also have many favorable opportunities to continue their higher education on the way to becoming the leading professionals.