• Head of Department: Prof. Vũ Ngọc Tước
  • VIce-Head of Department: Dr. Nguyễn Ngọc Tuấn
  • Office Address: Room 210, C10 Bulding, HUST Campus
  • Tel.: +84 24 38 69 28 01

Department of Theoretical Physics (DTP) is a unit of the SEP that was born from the early days of the School (1985) with a team of highly qualified lecturers and passionate. Currently, DTP takes over the function of teaching modules oriented to the core knowledge base of Basic Physics, Quantum Physics, Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics for Physics engineers, belongs to the type of undergraduate and postgraduate training in Engineering Physics, Nuclear Engineering. In addition, DTP also participates in teaching General Physics courses for students of the whole school. DTP also actively participates in scientific research activities, technology transfer with enterprises, domestic and international cooperation.


Hình 1. Staffs of Department of Theoretical Physics 

Research directions

  • Phase transition theory on superconducting, super lattice and liquid crystal materials,
  • The magnetic properties of thin film materials,
  • Optics for anisotropic environments,
  • The electromagnetic properties of low-dimensional materials,
  • Structural modeling,
  • Physics of disorderly systems,
  • Particle physics and mathematical physics (supersymmetry, quantum group theory).