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School of Engineering Physics (abbreviated SEP) was established on January 23, 1985 under Decree No. 13 / HDBT of the Council of Ministers, now is the Government on the basis of three ministries. Department of General Physics, Solid Physics and Nuclear Physics of Department of Mathematics – Physics at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. SEP is the first institute in the nation to establish an organizational model capable of combining scientific research, training and technology transfer for economic and defense purposes. .

The forerunner of the SEP is the Department of Physics, one of the first subjects of the school to make many contributions to the training, scientific research and construction of HUST.

In June 2008, due to growing demand, the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Environmental Physics separated from SEP and became the School of Nuclear Engineering and Environmental Physics under University. By November 2018, according to the University’s planning, the School of Nuclear Engineering and Environmental Physics merged and became a Department of SEP. SEP’s organization currently consists of 1 Office, 6 Departments (General Physics, Theoretical Physics, Electronic Materials, Computational Physics, Optics and Optoelectronics, Nuclear Engineering and Environment Physics).

Currently, the total number of civil servants of SEP is 82 staffs, including 2 Professors, 20 Associate Professors, 1 Doctor of Science, 50 Doctors, and 26 Masters.

In terms of training, SEP has trained hundreds of engineering physics engineers, more than 100 master’s and graduate students, taught more than 50 regular students and dozens of in-service and college courses; professional training for nearly 500 teaching staff, teaching staff of universities, colleges and high schools throughout the country.

In scientific research, SEP’s staffs have participated in and successfully completed many state and ministerial projects. In particular, research results of the GK1 project on detecting magnetic bombs of the US received the Ho Chi Minh Prize. In addition, SEP has conducted exploration to detect defects serving the protection of oil pipelines in the war against the US, protection of bridges and bridges, providing many Physics teaching equipment for over 50 Universities, Colleges and High schools, providing neon sign technology lines and high-voltage sources for many units, and also providing solar power stations for Spratly Islands and remote provinces. remote area…

With these achievements, in 2005, School of Engineering Physics was honored to be awarded the First Class Labor Medal by the President.

(Last updated: June 2020)